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615 S College St
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615 S College St
615 S College St Charlotte NC 28202
Located near uptown, WeWork Stonewall Station brings thoughtful shared workspace to one of the most sought-after cities in the country. We’ve transformed two floors of this gleaming, glass-front building into the ultimate Charlotte office space, with unique areas for coworking, focusing, and meeting. We’re directly off the light rail stop at Stonewall Station, have an attached parking lot, and offer bike storage, making for convenient commutes however you travel.
Right off the Stonewall Station stop off the Lightrail.
Parking available.
Interstate 277
Bike storage available.
Building Amenities
Onsite Staff
Cleaning Services
Phone Booths
Fruit Water
Conference Rooms
High Speed Internet
Micro-Roasted Coffee
Professional & Social Events
Unique Common Areas
Google Reviews
Rajesh Kalane
5 months ago
The newest star of the co-working world. This place has a 'corporate' feel to it. It feels more like a regular office and less like an active community. It might be changing though as WeWork is hosting some of the meetups in Queen City. Conveniently located, just a short walk from Stonewall station.
Lydia Nieves
4 months ago
Awesome co-working space. Great customer service. Alex is the best.
John Cochrane
4 months ago
Great space, a few associates have an attitude. Youth and "modern workplace" culture, I guess.
Houston Millsap
4 months ago
Great amenities. Nice casual environment to relax at after work or during lunch breaks.
Jess Wilson
8 months ago
Ya know, I hate to be that person... but it's actually quite a myth that open workspaces are optimal. Certainly, some circumstances calling for collaboration benefit highly from such an area, but in virtually no career are people going to collaborate 100% of the time. Sure, they have teeny tiny phone booths which can be used when you really need to hunker down and to do some focused work. But you can't reserve them. Not having a space to myself where I am expected to complete my work has become a real problem for me. There are literally no cubicle type walls whatsoever, all of the walls are made out of glass. My productivity has been obliterated. It's impossible for me to focus. Frankly, I'm considering leaving my job because of it. Sure, it's a trendy place to hang out, if you really want to hang out with your coworkers during non-working hours. Sure, they have free beer and fruit water. They DON'T have a cafeteria. That really sucks. Considering that I'm working smack-dab in the middle of downtown, this means that if I don't want to bring my lunch with me every single day, there are no convenient, healthy, or inexpensive options - all of which will take precious time away from my lunch hour, simply to access. I'm not just trying to trash this place, I'm still giving it three stars for the good things about it. The best thing about WeWork is the friendly and helpful staff. But I cannot simply give full marks for the things that it does indeed lack. Further, I think WeWork is encouraging a dangerous movement in large-scale companies that are increasingly implementing company-wide open office plans - which I believe they will realize is a mistake - in due time. When I first toured the facility, one of the first things I noticed when walking down the hallway - is that it caused everyone to stop what they were doing and look up at you as you walked past. If companies cared about productivity, they might be more aware of studies that show that it takes 20 minutes to fully refocus after that kind of interruption. The pressure from management to complete work in an efficient manner has not reduced in correlation with the ability to do so... and that's a real problem. *Edit: It's also kind of interesting that I just put it in a three-star review, and yet Google is still reporting that WeWork has 19 five star reviews and no others.
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