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How WeWork Events Can Boost Your Career Beyond the Expected
Co-working spaces are more than just office space. Learn how the varied events at WeWork improve your working life in ways you wouldn’t expect.
Sarah Pritzker
Flexible, fun, and vibrant co-working hubs where people can rent a desk, an office or a suite of office space are highly popular in cities across the world. Competition between co-working spaces is high and it’s a great opportunity for anyone looking for a place to work outside a traditional office space.
What really sets a co-working space like WeWork apart from the others is what it offers beyond office space through facilities, atmosphere, and most importantly, events. The well thought-out, carefully-planned events at WeWork can boost your career in ways that you might not have considered, from inspiration to relaxation, and networking to nutrition.
Make Better Connections
Whether you do freelance work or run a small business, you can never have too many valuable contacts. Valuable contacts bring you more work, either by hiring you directly or suggesting your name to an acquaintance that needs your services. WeWork helps you expand your network by hosting formal speed-networking events alongside informal meetups, happy hours, and other fun and informal events that give you the chance to start a conversation with your co-workers.
Although you might share the same building with someone that you think could send some business your way, you might feel nervous about going over and introducing yourself. At networking events, however, you know that everyone is open to meeting new people and making new contacts, so you don’t need to feel shy about striking up a conversation.
It’s also much easier to make conversation while you’re both struggling with the same knitting stitch, or after yoga class, than while waiting in line for the coffee machine. As well as formal networking events, WeWork regularly hosts fun social opportunities where members can come together without pressure to meet and mingle. WeWork’s fun activities like basketball games or donut sampling encourage members to get to know each other and connect. You can expand your social life and make useful professional contacts all at the same time – and possibly even with the same person. WeWork’s networking and unofficial mingling events bring professionals together to enrich each other’s work prospects and working lives.
Enhance Your Productivity
Multiple research studies over the past few years have shown that a positive work-life balance makes you more productive in your professional life, as well as happier overall. A 2015 study at the University of Warwick found that happy people are around 12% more productive than unhappy people.
Work doesn’t have to be done at a place that gets you down. WeWork provides members with plenty of fun events that boost your productivity. Whether you’re into yoga or cocktails, sports or knitting, you’ll find events that can cheer you up and help you recharge for a more productive work life. WeWork’s facilities include foosball and Ping-Pong tables, bocce ball courts, and game rooms, so that you can relax and have fun at work in between periods of focus and concentration.
Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle
We are a long way past admiring workaholics who neglect their mental and physical health in order to work 24/7. WeWork makes a significant effort to keeping members healthy in every way so that you can put 100% into your career. That means that WeWork hosts lifestyle events such as nutritional balance seminars, offers regular yoga, meditation and reiki sessions, and frequently brings in experts to speak about topics such as time management and healthy eating.
WeWork offers both education and resources for a healthy, productive, and positive work-life balance. Events that promote a healthy lifestyle don’t just happen on odd occasions. At WeWork, you can enjoy sports events like basketball games and amenities like a pool, gym facilities, and meditation rooms. Many locations also have wellness rooms where you can take a power nap on a regular basis. A nap is an important event in and of itself, given research that shows that good decision-making plummets when you are sleep-deprived.
Be Inspired
WeWork frequently hosts motivational speakers, thought leaders, and educators who share their insights, advice, and experience with WeWork members. Inspiration is an important part of success no matter what your vertical, so WeWork strives to bring inspirational workshops and lectures to locations around the globe.
Interactions with dedicated professionals and people who followed their dreams and overcame challenges will spark your creativity and encourage you to keep reaching for your own dreams. Occasional art exhibitions and concerts also bring cultural enjoyment to broaden your mindset and get your creative juices flowing.
Get Better Feedback and Refine Your Ideas
One of the best aspects of working in a co-working space is that you can easily access a wide range of people to get feedback on your startup idea or new business venture. With plenty of professionals from all walks of life and at all stages of their career, WeWork is an ideal location to access both expert advice and broad feedback. You can find professional legal advice, for example, or marketing input without having to step outside your workspace. If you need to find out whether there’s a market for a new product idea, you can begin by asking your WeWork co-workers through internal email or in person.
Once you’ve refined your product or idea and you’re ready to present it to the public, WeWork is very happy to host launch parties and demos for your latest product. Launch parties give you a chance to pilot your product or service and gather responses to your ideas before you send them out into the wider world.
WeWork also helps advance your business by hosting formal mentorship events to help startups and new entrants to a given line of work find knowledgeable, experienced professionals in their own field who can provide support and advice. WeWork will even bring in experienced mentors and angel investors to provide “office hours” for members who need guidance from the right person.
Whether you offer freelance services or are a small business owner, a lawyer or a graphic designer, and run a startup or a non-profit organization, events at WeWork can give you the vital boost that you need. From meeting your next big client to sharing business with the marketer at the next desk over, formal and informal WeWork events help you make valuable connections while giving you the inspiration, relaxation, and encouragement to maintain the enthusiasm and creativity you need to get ahead.
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